New prints available! Posted on 20 Feb 04:28

Three new matte prints are now available at my store. You can choose to have my work framed for hassle free wall hanging. Enjoy!

I asked if I could. Posted on 17 Feb 04:24

I'm kind apprehensive of drawing a stranger here in Dubai, Especially an emirate. But I had to test my courage and ask. 

The Emirate Way... Posted on 17 Feb 00:00

The culture has begun to penetrate my western mind. I would like to honor it as best I can without being naive. I'm willing to ask questions and to leave my own beliefs at the door. I've been practicing that. The traditional burka is worn through the city... I wonder how I can transform it?

prowling in ink Posted on 16 Feb 00:00

Some personal adventures have been taking place which have kept me from sketching. And by adventures I mean rollercoaster rides. Dubai is up & down like any other city. The only difference is that there is much more sand. I'd like to forget some of the people that I've met out here as I've already seen some middle men and rootless-women I can do without. It's a small place and people love to talk. I'm thankful for being out here but lets not forget one thing, I'm here for the big game not small potatoes. 

Cintiq le Freak Posted on 15 Feb 00:00

This new toy is right at home with my illustration work. I'm working on highlights with this illustration. Some fine tuning is necessary but the new journey has finally begun. 

Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi Posted on 10 Feb 00:00

I was invited to Abu Dhabi to share my art at the Red Bull Air Race. The set up was spectacular. There were bmx tricks, skateboard moves, Break-dancing, music, etc... there was so much going on that I couldn't get it all. I'm almost forgot to take pictures of my work. Since it was an Air race I thought it would be dope to commemorate the event with a UAE falcon.

some more ink adventures Posted on 07 Feb 00:00

Worked on this distorted horned-owl and skull combination. it feels outside my usual ways but I like testing myself. 


Lateralus ink in progress #slopez #ikeepmoving

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Ferocious Feather is now available on Tee's and iPhone Posted on 01 Feb 00:00

check out the new illustration for Tee's & iPhones

in the heart of Tecom, Dubai Posted on 30 Jan 00:00

I got a real nasty cold fever here in Dubai. I never had something like this. Maybe part of it is because my body is acclimating to a new atmosphere. Regardless, I need to keep moving. I finished this lady in a high rise for Garage 366 media. They're a boutique media company who've been winning some awards the past two years. 

an Army of Flowers Posted on 27 Jan 00:00

Here's a collage of the ladies I've live painted. it's interesting to see where I've gone with them last year. music by, Beats by Jack.


Rewind that selection. #slopez #ikeepmoving #beatsbyjack #armyofone

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